About Organic Junkie

Plants! They have the power to transform our environment. They have the power to heal our bodies or provide us with optimal health, to heal society! 


Organic Junkie is a small stepping stone in showing people that healthy can also be delicious. All while also moving in a direction that will benefit not only us but all sentient beings and mother earth. 

Organic Junkie was originally intended to be a tooth powder, a pumpkin pie flavored tooth powder. Through a series of unplanned events, a passion for the healing properties of whole foods that has lasted well over 10 years and the lack of a plant based eatery in my community is what gave birth to this cafe. 


Metro At Main was the catalyst that inspired action. The extent of my food experience didn't extend past my own kitchen. Either way I was going to figure this out. With the help of YouTube, Google and the movie "The Founder", I learned how to write a business plan, design a restaurant, upholstery, graphics, social media, carpentry, the food industry and so much more. 


Our community and all of our guest are the why behind Organic Junkie. Our team and I hope we leave you with a full tummy and a full heart. Thank you for being a part of my dream. 

Christina Bohannon Founder/CEO


We've come a long way....

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“You guys are a breath of fresh air!!! You put so much love into each of your dishes and I can tell just by tasting it! It's such a rarity nowadays. Thank you.” -Bisou_bleu



“Oh em gee. The pizza panini! And the Fruddles! I tell ya, you can't go wrong here. Everything is tasty and just to refreshing. And the owner, Christina- she's such a sweetheart. Hidden little gem in the I.E. that one must not forget to visit when in the area!” -Anne420



“What a wonderful new vegan/vegetarian option in Corona finally! This is not a chain restaurant. My daughter and I tried the Fruddles and Ceviche which are two of their signature items. Different and delicious! The owner is friendly and is excited to expand the menu to include paninis and more breakfast items.”

- KarenK518